Julie is a mother of three, and was born and raised in west Texas.  She maintained her west Texas roots into college when she attended Texas Tech University in Lubbock, receiving a degree in social work.  Julie has grown up surrounded by the ranching heritage, and felt drawn to share this way of life through the adventures of the thoughtful little jackrabbit, Hitchin' Post.

Hitchin' Post marks Julie's debut into the world of children's literature.  What began as a fun, creative project with her mother, Carolyn Altman, soon developed into her first completed children's book.   Carolyn is the illustrator of the bright and cheerful images found in Hitchin' Post, which no doubt bring to life the adventures of this caring and lovable jackrabbit.   

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Other works from Julie Barker:

Julie has provided poetry for baby memory books created by Carolyn Altman and found at Glorybeebaby.com.  Though Julie remains new to the literary world, she hopes to continue creating fun and interesting stories, as well as compiling a book of her children's poetry.  Thank you for your interest in Hitchin' Post


Hitchin' Post

Baby Memory Books with poetry by Julie Barker

"While illustrating Hitchin Post, I realized that although it is a children’s book, it has a lesson for all ages.  Through Hitchin' Post,  Julie tells her view of life and what makes it great.” - Carolyn Altman, Illustrator/Artist

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Carolyn Altman, Illustrator

About the Author

Julie Barker, Author    Hitchin' Post Children's Book Series

shop baby memory books by glorybeebaby.com