The oldest boy is Bubba, then Sis is in the middle. 

Sis thinks she's so big, but she's still pretty little. 

​Hitch's little buddy is the littlest one named Bo.

He's never seen without his hat or his stick horse in tow. 

excerpt from the children's book Hitchin' Post and the 6B Ranch Kids 

Meet Children's Book Author Julie Barker

Hitchin' Post

Julie Barker is the author of Hitchin' Posther debut children's storybook.  With inspiration from her west Texas roots and being surrounded by the ranching heritage, Julie is fulfilling her dream of becoming a children's author. Along with the encouragement and beautiful illustrations from her mother and artist, Carolyn Altman, the story of Hitchin' Post the cowboy jackrabbit was born and is now officially a series.  The second book, Hitchin' Post and the Tornado Twistin' 4th of  July Celebration, was released September 2018.  The third book, Hitchin' Post and the 6B Ranch Kids is due out in Fall of 2020.  

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Julie Barker, Author    Hitchin' Post Children's Book Series


Hitchin' Post is the 

Gold Medal Winner of the 2017 Readers' Favorite Award in Children's-General Genre,

and is a TopShelf Magazine Indie Book Award nominee.

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